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It’s Frustrating to Worry About Potholes in the Parking Lot. 

We Get It … And It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

Discover what our loyal Lexington sealcoating and striping customers already know about T&K Sealing and Striping

It’s always top of mind when you drive into your property and hit it: “I need to fix that pothole.” That pothole began as a series of cracks. Routine preventative maintenance will extend the life of your lot and keep your asphalt surface pothole free. 

For more than 25 years, T&K Sealing and Striping continues to provide the best services for pothole repair, asphalt sealcoat, parking lot striping and pavement maintenance in Central Kentucky.

Serving the needs of property managers for commercial properties, owners of horse farms, leaders of churches and schools. 

We are thankful for our loyal client base – people who appreciate and align with our core values. 

Contact us to discover why you’ll come back to T&K Sealing and Striping throughout the life of your property management experience.

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Since 1993. Same company. Same ownership. Deep knowledge of the industry.


You get our best price for the best product and service. We do NOT cheat on the product mix or cut corners in the cleaning preparation.

"These guys are incredibly professional. I would very highly recommend T&K Sealing and Striping!"
"They did thorough job with a great eye to details. I highly recommend T&K Sealing and Striping and will definitely use them in the future."
Michelle Rudzik
Farm Owner

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