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T & K Sealing and Striping Services

T&K Sealing and Striping offers the following services:

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Sealcoating: Sprayed or squeegee we use Sealmaster Sealer (Sealmaster Link)

  • coal tar
  • asphalt base
  • as specified by your needs

We apply our products to the manufacturers specifications all the time, every time!

Dean Kemp, owner

Striping: Sherwin Williams paint: oil or water based paints

Hot Pour Cracks: DOT approved heated crack filler, applied with direct fire

Pothole Patching: Hot mix asphalt or cold patch

We provide convenient services to:

  • Shopping Center Parking Lots
  • Church Parking Lots
  • Drive Thru Lanes
  • Private Driveways and Farm Lanes
  • Home Owner’s Associations
  • Apartment & Condo Complexes
  • Restaurants and Banking Centers
  • City and County roads
  • Office Complex Parking Lots

Call us today for your free sealcoating quote: 859-338-5251